Our Story

SwaggerPaws came about whilst we were running our own dog walking business and realised how much we were spending stocking up on essentials. We love spoiling the dogs in our care, but the luxury products aimed at pet parents weren’t meeting our business needs OR our business budgets! We weren’t satisfied with the quality or aesthetics of the more affordable options and felt left out of the pet shop experience.
So, we set about creating a dog-walkers store, filled with dog walking essentials, designed and sourced for dog walkers, by dog walkers. Practical, bright and joyful equipment with a price tag that even the stingiest accountant couldn’t complain about!
We’re dog walkers, just like you, so we’re starting off with a limited product range, focussing on the quality of every item we stock.
We have big plans and we would love you to join us on our journey to creating the dog walker’s store you’ve been dreaming of. Drop by our social media pages and say hi, we’d love to hear from you!





We recognise that our supply chain is an extension of our business.

We work with suppliers who share our values and are committed to paying a living wage providing a safe environment and equal opportunities for all.

We believe that by building relationships with our suppliers, we can work together to create the policies and practices that benefit the people at every stage of the supply chain.

We know there is always going to be progress that needs to be made, so we use our framework to assess all aspects of new and existing partnerships.



We're committed to achieving long term sustainability to our business, our community and our planet.

We understand that producing environmentally friendly products comes with a price tag, we're committed to creating and sourcing products which do the least damage to our planet and your bank account.

We're actively working towards achieving a carbon neutral status and reducing our already minimal packaging (which is already recyclable).

A big part of sustainability is re-use, so whilst we work on reducing packaging and recycling materials, you can work on re-purposing what you no longer need - like donating to your local animal shelter.



We understand that as a dog walker you need equipment that is durable and won't let you down. Our products are built to last - we're so confident that you'll love the quality, our products come with a lifetime warranty (not that you'll need it).

Quality is at the heart of our design; we want our products to bring you joy and function as you need them to.