Choosing The Perfect Length Longline For Your Next Adventure

Choosing The Perfect Length Longline For Your Next Adventure

Are you considering using a longline for your dog but unsure about the right length to choose? Longlines are fantastic tools for training and providing controlled freedom for your dog. However, selecting the appropriate length is crucial for both your dog's safety and effective training outcomes.


Let's explore the options and their best uses to help you decide which longline length suits you and your dog's needs.


5m Longline


The 5m longline is an excellent starting point, particularly for:

New Handlers:
Ideal for those new to working with a longline, as its manageable length assists in getting accustomed to handling and managing the line while giving your dog some extra freedom.

Early recall training: give your dog a little more space whilst practicing check-ins, recall and basic training.

Walks with obstacles: Perfect for navigating limited spaces, corners, or areas with obstacles. It allows freedom while keeping your dog close enough to prevent entanglement and giving you time to react to surroundings.


10m Longline


The 10m longline is suitable for:


Recall training at greater distances: put your recall training to the test and practice at greater distances!


Intermediate users: 10m is a great all-rounder for those who are comfortable with handling a longline and are looking to provide more freedom for their dog to roam, without worrying about compromising safety.


Exploring large, open spaces: the longer length means more material to manage, so open spaces will minimise chances of getting caught on undergrowth or obstacles.


15m Longline


The 15m longline is best suited for:


Advanced recall training: for dogs who’s recall is coming along nicely, 15m of freedom is a great opportunity to further their training and build trust.


Experienced users: Best for those comfortable with safely managing a longline and dogs familiar with wearing one.


Exploring large, open spaces: Ideal for an "off-lead" experience while maintaining control. Vigilance regarding surroundings is crucial for quick reactions and line management.


Other Considerations:


Dog sizesmaller dogs may find a 10m or 15m line heavy, especially when trailling behind them. Try a 5m or 5m lite first to see how they get on.


Building your longline training skills: consider your dog’s behaviour when choosing a longline, make sure your handling skills and your dogs behaviour are compatible with longline use. Additional training and management may be necessary before a longline can be safely used in public.


Environment: Avoid busy or road-side areas when starting out with a longline. Opt for quiet, open spaces to practice and build confidence.


Taking these aspects into account will help you select the ideal longline length that fits your dog's requirements and supports their training progress. Always prioritise safety and ensuring that the longline aligns well with your training goals and your pet's comfort.


Enjoy, and don’t forget to tag @swaggerpaws_official when sharing photos of your adventures on social media, we love seeing what you get up to!

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