SwaggerPaws Waterproof Longline Lead 5m - Ultra Lite
SwaggerPaws Waterproof Longline Lead 5m - Ultra Lite
SwaggerPaws Waterproof Longline Lead 5m - Ultra Lite
SwaggerPaws Waterproof Longline Lead 5m - Ultra Lite
SwaggerPaws Waterproof Longline Lead 5m - Ultra Lite
SwaggerPaws Waterproof Longline Lead 5m - Ultra Lite

SwaggerPaws Waterproof Longline Lead 5m - Ultra Lite

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80kg Break Strength

A tiny clasp for tiny dogs

Waterproof & Odourless

30-day return policy

Durable & High Quality - Made from high density nylon webbing with a PVC coating, our leads are built to withstand everything a dog walker throws at them! 

Waterproof & Odourless - The PVC coating is durable and water resistant. Our waterproof leads won't absorb water, dirt or smells and won't become heavy when wet. The waterproof lead provides a comfortable, secure grip, even when wet!

Mini Bolt Snap Clasp - A tiny clasp for tiny dogs.

D-ring on Handle - For whatever you use your D-ring for! Clipping the lead across your body, attaching poo bags or collapsible bowls.

Ideal Length: 5m - Provides room to roam when recall isn't 100%.

Safety: We recommend using a longline with a well-fitting harness. This is to reduce risk of injury to the neck should your dog run to the end of the line and come to an abrupt stop. We recommend attaching to the back clasp to reduce risk of tangling around legs.

Handling: safe handling of a longline is important to avoid injury to your dog and yourself. If you are new to using a longline, we advise starting with a 5m and practicing handling skills.

How to hold the longline: unravel the long line and lay your hand flat, palm facing upwards, through the handle. The top of the handle should lay across your palm. You are now going to gather the line by passing it back and forth across your palm. This creates loops of line hanging down either side of your hand and you can close your palm around the central point. Do not gather the line around your hand. We do this to ensure that if your dog takes off and line is pulled suddenly, it will not tighten around your hand, which could cause injury.

Hold the gathered line in one hand and place your other hand on the part of the line extending to your dog. This is how you will control the length of the line. You can loosen your grip on the gathered section to let out the line slowly. Use your free hand to guide the line, or gather it back in as necessary.

Some people prefer a thumb grip, where the handle is looped around your thumb and your fist is closed around the handle. When the lead is pulled, your fist tightens around the bottom of the handle first, protecting your thumb from damage. Your thumb prevents the line from pulling straight out of your hands.

Trailing: the line can be dropped to the ground to trail behind your dog, allowing you to grab or step on the line from further away should you need to. Ensure your dog is comfortable being on the longline before advancing to this step.

Hazards: be aware of your environment and potential hazards that the line may become caught on. When interacting with other dogs, be mindful of the line tangling around other dogs.

Be aware that rushing to the end of the line and being stopped abruptly by reaching the end poses a risk of injury to the dog and handler. A long line may not be suitable for all dogs. Be aware that the longer the line, the larger the force will be when stopped abruptly, we recommend teaching your dog to stay within the parameters of the line when roaming and playing.

Lead Material - PVC Coated Webbing
Handle - Includes D-ring on handle
Break Strength - 80KG

Length - 5 Metres
Width - 1.0cm
Weight - 160g

Wash in soapy water, rinse and leave to dry.

Rinse leads after being exposed to salt water, as salt water may corrode the hardware over time.

Lifetime Guarantee (so long as it's not used as a chew toy!)

We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return with free return shipping.